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The region in Africa covers an area with a total area of approximately 10 million km², most of which is the Sahara Desert. He experienced a huge Arab influence.

A part of the African continent located south of central Sahara and washed by the Atlantic Ocean from the west and south.

The geographic region extending in the western part of Africa in the equatorial and subequatorial strip includes the vast flat depression of the Congo, in the west it adjoins the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Guinea, in the north includes the Azande plateau, in the south - the Lund plateau and the Angola plateaus that continue it. In the east, the area is bounded by the West Reef branch of the East African Rift System.

A geographical term covering the countries of Africa east of the Nile with the exception of Egypt. About 200 nationalities live in East Africa and four language groups are found. Due to the large cultural and social differences in East Africa, there is a significant conflict potential, more than once expressed in past and current wars, including civil wars.

The region occupies the southern part of the African continent. The Kunene and Zambezi rivers are often considered the northern border of South Africa: this means that the region includes all five countries belonging to South Africa (according to the UN classification), as well as Zimbabwe and southern Mozambique.

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