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WikiWarriors: Portals

WikiWarriors is an online military history encyclopedia that contains articles on a wide variety of and sometimes unexpected topics. Here we collect thematic collections of different articles, united by some common feature – geographical, temporary, color, etc.

We are sure that we are creating absolutely unique content here, because where else could you find out about the rainbow in military history or visit fictional uniform museum?

List of portals


Случайные порталы

Question answer

We borrowed this term from Wikipedia, in which portals mean front pages on a specific topic or field of knowledge, in our case, of course, which one way or another relate to military history. One portal is dedicated to a single topic, gives it a brief overview, a selection of articles on this topic on WikiWarriors, a selection of literature, interesting facts and images.

The fact is that we consider military affiliation not only from the point of view of statehood and succession, but also geography. That is, the portal Ukraine contains all the soldiers who were organized on the territory of modern Ukraine (for example, Scythians), and not only those who fought for the modern state or associated themselves with it. Therefore, all portals dedicated to different countries should be interpreted not so much as the history of these countries, but as the history of the formation of the territories of these countries. And in the event of a contentious situation, it is worth being guided by the UN classification.
Warriors of Byzantium relate to the history of Greece and the history of Turkey, but not to the history of Russia. At the same time, Byzantium may have its own portal in the “Disappeared States” section.
The Finnish warriors organized during the period of direct control of the Swedish Empire and the Russian Empire belong to the Soldiers of Sweden and Russia, but not to the Warriors of Kazakhstan. Warriors of Finland organized and fought in periods without foreign ownership or even formal independence – only to Finland.
Scottish mercenaries belong not only to the countries for which they fought, but also to Scotland itself. They apply to Great Britain only if they were created or operated during the period when Scotland was part of it.

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